VitroStash. Getting More IVF Storage At A Fraction Of The Cost.

As an IVF lab director, or someone intimately involved in its operations, many of you are aware of the storage limitations you face. Labs worldwide are bursting at the seams with standard 47/11 dewars scattered into every nook and cranny of not just lab areas. Dewers are stacked everywhere; most labs look like a version of “Hoarders” with residents in lab coats, craving more storage space and finding fewer places to stick a dewar. Many labs cannot justify the expense to move to larger offices, or to place samples off-site where monitoring and protection may be jeopardized. So everyone is seemingly doing the same dance around the obvious; less storage or purchase more space.


Increasing Dewar Space Without Changing A Thing.


The recognized standard of the IVF cryo storage lab is the 47/11 dewar. For some reason, many years ago, the dewar was designed with six slots in the mouth opening to hang six canisters. It’s just the way it’s been done and no one has challenged it, until now. The simple math shows that 6 canisters will hold 32 canes each for a total of 192 patients samples stored. With this amount of storage it’s easy to see why labs face the storage issues they do.


ColdStash has developed a unique remedy to this problem by taking a deeper look at how dewars and canisters are utilized and how we can maximize storage capacities. Our new IVF storage system, developed in tandem with Boston IVF, allows for twelve canisters/racks to be hung from the same six slots in the dewar mouth. That’s doubling your space right from the start from six to a dozen!


Nearly Doubling Your Storage Space With Ease.


By increasing your storage capacity to twelve canisters, this allows for you to now store 384 patients in the same dewar you are presently using. It’s really that simple. By doubling your storage space, you reduce the need to purchase new dewars, and, find place to keep them. You can also double-back and retrofit your existing dewars to maximize their storage capacities, all at a price-point that’s lower than the purchase of new dewars. Add to that the savings of less energy costs, LN2 costs, and the ever increasing problem of more space, your lab can run more efficiently and more profitably.


Nothing changes in the way you are currently doing things in your lab, except how more efficient and cost effective you are. At our low cost it’s easy for you to see a tremendous ROI right from day one.