I have been involved in the cryopreservation and cryogenic storage industry for over 25 years.

ColdStash has convinced me over the past few years that the “status quo” of cryogenic storage systems, such as racks, cassettes, vial retrieval, storage and shipping have become inefficient in terms of cost and inventory space. It is obvious to me that ColdStash is committed to changing the conventions of our business, and creating cryogenic innovations in a time where work with human stem cells, clinical trials of new stem cell derived products, infertility/sperm and embryo banks or stem cell research has dictated a new paradigm for cryopreservation tools.

ColdStash continues to provide my company highly efficient and cost effective inventory storage systems, ranging from cord blood banking cassettes, customized stem cell delivery solutions and transport containers, as well as cryogenic vapor shipping alternatives. Maximizing the capacity of every cryogenic freezer that we utilize for samples that will treat, cure or contribute to research of many diseases or disorders in the future, is essential for our business and for the entire stem cell industry. ColdStash is a valued partner in the success of our business.

Tim Beals

Cellogx, Inc.

ColdStash has been a truly fantastic business partner for us. In our industry, developing solid relationships with vendors is absolutely critical. In a process where you get 1 chance to get it right, the smallest error can have enormous consequences. Delivering the right product, at the right time, manufactured to our specifications is just the beginning. Being able to respond quickly and effectively to changes, minimizing supply chain risk, solid two-way communication, timely resolution of any issues, are all benchmarks of a quality vendor and I have to say ColdStash blows most vendors out of the water in all categories. We are getting a high quality, secure product, at the right cost for our budget. The staff at ColdStash have gone above and beyond to make sure we are happy with the products. We are extremely satisfied with ColdStash in our corner.


Anonymous due to corporate restrictions
Material Coordinator/Buyer
Major Blood Bank Repository