coldstash straw cassettes

To further enhance the efficiencies, safety and maximization of space in your cryogenic freezer; ColdStash has developed a magnetic straw cassette system for ease of retrieval. CryoStraws are the proven method for safe and efficient cryopreservation of human and animal zygotes, embryos, sperm and reproductive tissue, so, it is critical for you to ensure that they are handled correctly. Our patented molded-in magnetic system provides you with the ability to safely store your valuable cryogenic specimens, greatly enhance freezer space utilization, and ensure safe and easy specimen retrieval at no additional cost to what you are presently using.
Our CryoStraws are manufactured utilizing biocompatible materials and are engineered to safely hold five standard 133 mm straws. One end of the straw cassette has an integrally molded-in magnet that will not come loose in storage or have any adverse affect any specimens. Used in conjunction with our VialTrieve® wand, this is the safest and most reliable method for cryogenic specimen retrieval available today without increasing your lab costs.