coldstash cryo cassette

ColdStash offers the most complete line of cryogenic cassettes available in the market today. Whether it’s our patented space saving systems, or a customized solution, we are your single-source cryogenic storage supplier. Our intimate knowledge of the cryogenic storage industry, along with our creative expertise, has led us to develop the most cost-effective solutions for you that maximize costly freezer storage space by upwards of 50%, provide efficiencies in handling, reduce liquid nitrogen consumption and minimize retrieval efforts.
Our innovative cryogenic storage solutions offer you these benefits:

Increased cryogenic freezer capacity by up to 50%
Reduction of capital expenditures by minimizing the number of freezers required
Enhanced profitability by reducing your per sample storage cost
Maximized security of cryogenically stored samples in your custody
Improved employee safety and lab integrity

Our new design allows you to store a standard 25ml Pall bag with overwrap bag in either of our Mini 25 or Micro 25 cassettes. When paired with our new MaxSecure UlraThin Frames you can take advantage of all the available storage area in your cryogenic freezers.