Introducing the revolutionary FlexStash


FlexStash is the brilliant solution for labs that are using -80OC freezers for storing vial boxes. Our unique MaxSecure half-rack frame securely holds your boxes in place for rapid transfer to an LN2 freezer should the need arise. By nesting your samples in our FlexStash, you now have the convenience of transporting all of your samples in one easy, self-contained configuration. If your  -80OC freezer should ever have a malfunction and you need to back up to an LN2 freezer, FlexStash will save you valuable time and limit specimen degeneration.

• Frame fits in standard -80OC freezers.

• Holds 81 or 100 count vial boxes.

• Drawers slide in and out.

• Half-rack frame with MaxSecure holds boxes upside down, sideways and more.

• Easily lifts out as a single unit for transfer to LN2 freezer.

• Accelerates transfer time from failed -80OC freezer to LN2 or other ULT backup.

• For use in any freezer.